A beautiful Gift

How to choose a perfect Christmas gift? Perhaps we could learn from Mary, who used to sit and learn at the feet of Jesus. She gave Jesus something exceptional.  Knowing the evil that would befall Christ, she

“…came to Him having an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured it on His head” (Matthew 26:7)

Though Jesus had told His closest disciples repeatedly what was about to happen, none of them, took it to heart.

“…Jesus…show to His disciples…He must…suffer…and be killed…” (Matthew 16:21)

Wonder if that frustrates Jesus. The disciples who lived with the Master for 3 years just didn’t get it. Mary knew what was about to take place. She did something praiseworthy that Jesus said,

“She has poured this perfume on Me to prepare My body for burial…she will always be remembered for this deed. The story of what she has done will be told throughout the whole world…” (Matthew 26:12-13)

Do you think Jesus cherish her gift? Jesus said something more about her giving.

“She has done a beautiful thing for Me.” (Matthew 26:10)

“Beautiful” is “a term applied by the Greeks to everything so distinguished in form, excellence, goodness, usefulness, as to be pleasing; hence (according to the context) equivalent to “beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, surpassing, precious, useful, suitable, commendable, admirable” (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon)

Do you think Jesus was moved by Mary’s gift? Mary knew the heart of God.  When we know the heart of God, naturally we want to do things that touch His heart.

What can we give to God this Christmas? Perhaps a hug to our loved ones. A hearty meal for the ‘homeless’ (those who celebrate Christmas alone). Maybe it is sharing the love of God with non-believers.

Do you have a beautiful gift for Jesus?