Father School Curriculum

4 pillars

  1. Father’s Influence
  2. Father’s Manhood
  3. Father’s Mission
  4. Father’s Spirituality & The Family

Teaching: There will be teaching on the above subject matter. Video is used to enhance the learning.

Sharing: Candidates will hear first hand the struggles by other fathers and the breakthroughs they experienced through the testimonies shared. The students will be given time to discuss the subject matter.

Practical Tips: The teaching is designed with practical tips so that the students can readily put them to use.  For instance, we teach the participants how to pray for their loved ones everyday.

A Loving Father Makes A Loving Family: 

In this modern society, is it enough for fathers just to fulfil the role as bread winners? Are our children missing out something if we just play an economic role? We have a slogan here in Father School, ” A loving father makes a loving family.” Guided by the Bible, we will show fathers the road map to greater fatherhood. When we understand what exactly our roles should be, we can then go on to be the fathers that God has meant us to be.

Now we can and we want to be the father that God call us to be! “Lord, I am a father!”