Important role of a father

The father is a central figure in the family. He is the head of the family and the family, in turn, is the foundation unit of society. With many families fast breaking down around us, Father School aims to teach healthy family values, strengthening relationships in a family.

Father School offers guidance and practical tips on how to build a stronger family. Our home will be filled with love, joy and peace when understand our role and fulfil our responsibility as a father. 

Fathers, it begins with us. Come, let us build our families together.


Duranno Father School

“Duranno” is the Korean way of pronouncing “Tyrannus” (a lecture hall) which is found in Acts 19:9.
Father School was established by Duranno in October, 1995, in Seoul, in response to the growing epidemic of abusive, ineffective and absentee fathers in Korea.

Duranno Father School was founded on the premise that when the father stands firmly as the head of the household, society will also stand on firm foundation, making this world a healthy and a better place. 

Father School is a parenting program that clarify fathers’ role as the head of the family. Fathers will understand their position in the family and learn how to exercise their authority in an appropriate manner.

In the larger context, Father School is also a social movement that fosters a healthy family culture. Those who attend are encouraged to be diligent workers at their workplace. They should be useful citizens in the society. Participants should take the initiative to positively impact the world around them.

Finally, and most importantly, fathers are encouraged to pass on these family values to their children so that they might in turn become men and women of character and values.

Duranno Father School seeks to establish the biblical image of father, helps fathers to reclaim the authority in his household. We would lovingly point out and correct the wrongful use of authority of fathers. This is a movement that challenges men to change society and the world by first and foremost, being good fathers in the home.



  1. Rebuild the identity of the father
  2. Creating a new and healthy family culture
  3. Developing strong leadership skills in the workplace and in society
  4. Establishing new support groups as a type of social service.

Our aim is to positively change the society by first changing the fathers. We help men to understand their role and rebuild their identity as the father. By rebuilding strong and healthy families, we will transform our communities and spread this fathering movement to every household in all nations.